Workout Routines To Build Muscle

March 23, 2010 by  
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Workout routines to build muscle can help turn a pudgy person into a beefy bodybuilder -just make sure you use your new muscle in a positive way!

When I was still very young-perhaps 10 years old- I was so fat that even my mother used to boast about my “baby fat”. But as I grew older I began to hate the fact of not being able to get to distant places without breaking a sweat. This was when I started working out and ever since my life has been so fulfilling. I used a few workout routines to build muscle and before I knew it I was the biggest guy in the neighborhood.

The very first thing I did was jogging. Somehow jogging every day in the morning has a way of orientating you into becoming a work out freak. Slowly I began to ward off the excess fat that had formed layers over my body muscles. Believe it or not but if you do not get rid of that fat building muscle can be harder that anything known to man.

As time went by the body fat slowly disappeared, but not without one useful tip. Staying positive and realistic is very important. As workout regimes get more tiresome you might feel like giving up at any stage of the way. This is because you will be trying too hard to get to a point that is unattainable in the short period of time you would have given yourself to lose a certain amount of weight. Stay realistic and positive.

Of course, the best workout routines to build muscle include weight lifting exercises. You should try to work all the muscle groups in your body. Chest muscles, arm muscles, leg muscles. The best way to build muscle is to do very slow repetitions of each exercise with the maximum amount of weight your muscle can handle. As soon as you can do 10 reps, then move up to a 20% heavier weight.

A good balance between aerobic and resistance exercises is the key to cross training. Cross training brings about a cleaner muscle tone in a short space of time without exerting too much psychological pressure on yourself. Try it out and see the benefits within a month of rigorous training.

As you exercise more tearing of fibers can occur more than often. It is for this reason that you must skip a day or two between your workout routines to build muscle. This gives the torn muscles to heal and reform. So when this happens muscle mass will build up and before you know it you will be signing up for the iron man competition.