The Reason Why You Call for a Personal Training Program

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Have you been toying with the idea of joining a fitness program so that you can get fit? This is undoubtedly a good concept especially should you have put on lots of fat lately as a result of a sedentary lifestyle, health factors or bad food habits. Reducing your weight and getting into good shape will help you feel and look much better and you will be able to take pleasure in life a lot better than before. In case you have always had troubles exercising then you should perhaps take into account joining a personal training program offered by Group Fitness Melbourne.

You’ll definitely have to shell out additional money to be able to join a personal training program but the esults are usually greater than any other technique of getting into good shape. This is not an easy job at the most of times, and it really is made even more challenging if you are very unfit. A personal trainer will make certain that you do all the exercises that can support you improve your fitness levels. The trainer will guarantee that you remain motivated and will not permit you to slacken your pace. Folks who have tried without success to shed weight many times will understand the importance of this service.

The other advantage of joining a personal training program is that the trainer will probably be able to tailor-make the exercise schedule to suit your requirements. The trainer will give you the correct exercises which will help develop specific body parts while giving you overall physical fitness. There are certain exercises which will support you lose weight while a totally different set of exercises are necessary to tone your body. If you are overweight, you’ll obtain the most success should you combine a cardio routine with muscle building exercises that tone your body well. The personal trainer will ensure that you do these exercises in the correct proportion.

A personal trainer will also guide you through the exercises to ensure that you do them correctly and in the proper sequence. For example, exercises such as stomach crunches are effective at toning your body only if they’re performed correctly. You are able to injure your back or neck should you do these exercises in the wrong manner.

You will find specific to be many personal training programs accessible near you. Choosing the right one is important to ensuring that you’re prosperous in slimming down. You could join a program in a gym or as is becoming increasingly popular, join an outdoor fitness program. There’s growing demand for outdoor fitness programs since numerous men and women do not like the constrained feeling of working out in a gym and prefer to exercise in natural surroundings instead.

Most folks who’ve signed up for personal training programs are extremely happy with the results since they are unable to achieve these results on their own. You too will realize that the money you invest on this program is worth your while simply because you will achieve your fitness and weight loss objectives within the shortest amount of time with out compromising on your health.


Are you sick of being unfit?

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Is Flawed Nutrition Sabotaging Your Training?

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Before I start, I am making the assumption that whether you be a bodybuilder, powerlifter, endurance athlete or dedicated amateur that your gym sessions are well planned and carried out with some commitment.

Despite this there may well be a piece of the jigsaw missing, one so important that it will hinder your progress, leaving you tired, sore and demotivated.

Are you serious about your fitness training?

I am assuming that the time you spend in the gym is organised and you train with sufficient intensity but all too often the sweat and effort simply doesn’t seem worth it with little or no progress to show for all that hard work

Next time you are training take a long hard look around your gym,  how much real progress do you think is made by anyone. I have personally been around gyms for the last 30 years and failure to grow or become stronger appears to be the norm,is this down to the training routines or lack of intensity or effort?. In some instances this is certainly the case, howevereven amongst those who plan well and train regularly with sufficient commitment and effort one vital area that is routinely overlooked is the need for appropriate post workout nutrition. If you want to get the most out of your training you need to take your nutrition seriously

Why does this matter?

Exercise, whether it be strength or endurance based, provides us with many benefits to both our health and looks.
To make sure you are getting the full benefits from any training routine you must put the body under sufficient stress to force it to adapt, become stronger and better able to deal with that stress.
Intense exercise is itself a potent physiological stress, some of the symptoms of this stress include:

  • A feeling of lethargy after exercise.
  • Sore muscles (DOMS).
  • Increase in the levels of catabolic (muscle wasting) hormones such as cortisol~Increase in production of stress hormones~Increaed cortisol levels}.
  • Need for extra sleep.
  • An increase in appetite.

If you train with regularity you will most likely have experienced some or all of these, they are not necessarily a bad thing just the body telling us it needs more nourishment to aid the repair proces.

Regardless your goals, training breaks down less capable muscle in order to build more capable adapted muscle. This can only occur if the body is supplied with the right building blocks at the right time. Commonly known as the “Window of Opportunity” this is the time after training when most benefit can be gained from your post workout snack or supplementation. The ideal time is straight after working out when the body’s fuel and energy reserves are depleted and the muscles are ready to take up nutrients. As each hour passes the body’s ability to repair itself diminishes, meaning that missing that all important snack may well negate your training efforts leaving you feeling tired, sore and frustrated.

Post workout Essentials.

Whilst many trainee’s post workout recovery snack consists of a shot of whey protein, which does, without doubt aid muscle repair, to gain the full benefits from your training, your post training meal should also address the following issues in order to be of most effect.

  • Regulate the levels of insulin at the time its anabolic effects are most profound.
  • Reduce cortisol levels, failing to address this may result in  the breakdown of muscle proteins to replenish glucose.
  • Replenishment of electrolyte levels and re-hydration.
  • Help reduce muscle soreness.
  • Aid replenishment of energy systems

Without a degree in nutrition or Biochemistry, concocting a snack to address all these issues could become a mammoth task. Luckily some sports supplement companies such as BSN have created excellent post workout nutrition products such as BSN Cellmass NT which combined with your regular post training protein shake will aid the repair process and maximise the results from your training time.

Weight Training Routines For Building Muscle

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