The Best Muscle Building Foods

March 23, 2010 by  
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In as much as body building is about lifting weights and rigorous exercise, it is also about what you eat and making sure you add the right muscle building foods to your diet can go a long way to helping you gain that body you have dreamed about.

You can lift as many lbs of weights as possible but not be able to amass a single pound of muscle if you don’t feed your body properly. Certain body building foods will make you gain muscle fast when you incorporate them into your daily body building regime. Here is a brief guide to muscle building foods.

Protein is the best source of muscle building nutrients. No other food derivative assists in muscle build up as much as organic protein. Eat chicken, fish, egg white and beans on a rotational basis to get fat free protein. Steak and other fatty proteins do not help much as they already contain the fat compounds that you are actually trying to get rid of.

Carbohydrates provide you with the necessary energy to work out. If you did not know carbs contain all the energy the body may need to function. Without it you can find yourself becoming awkwardly tired after only a couple of hours of exercise. Whole wheat products, corn flakes and rice are good sources of carbohydrates you must incorporate into a muscle gaining diet.

Water is the healthiest substance you can ever get in this universe, so drink large amounts of it. Water acts as an antioxidant that removes toxins from your body. Without water toxins can build up and cause fatigue and stress, two conditions that can act negatively to your plans. But the water must be clean and from a source that is reliable.

Of course, you want to make sure you include a lot of muscle building foods, but not so many that you overeat and gain fat! One thing you could try is to eat 5 or 6 smaller meals a day instead of 3 large ones. This can help keep your metabolism up and help you burn fat all day long and well into the night.