Weider Max Weight System

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  • Home strength-training system with up to 240 pounds of quick-change resistance
  • Employs unique system of cables, cams, pulleys and swivels to work upper and lower body
  • High pulley provides up to 15-plus exercises, while low pulley delivers 40-plus exercises
  • Compound Resistance System provides complete range of motion for better efficiency
  • Includes lat tower, leg developer, and preacher pad station; lifetime warranty on each bar

Product Description
Combining a compact, vertical design and resistance-rod technology, the Max by Weider packs more muscle-sculpting power per square inch than any ordinary weight system on the market. With up to 240 lbs. of quick-change resistance, the Max by Weider allows for fast weight adjustments. The Max boasts an easily removable seat that allows you to move from one exercise to another quickly-providing the perfect environment for circuit-style training. The Max also comes wit… More >>

Weider Max Weight System


5 Responses to “Weider Max Weight System”
  1. Dianne Kelly says:

    Package arrived, in good condition.

    The instructions on the whole we pretty good.

    Seemed to have a washer or two missing, but nothing major!

    Still took around 5 hours to put together.

    Make sure you have plenty of time for the build.

    Played around a few times with it, everything looks to work ok. Nothing broked, yet!

    For the price & if your just trying to lose a few pounds here & there, this seems like a good deal.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  2. T. Haas says:

    Nice system for the money. The assembly is complicated and tedious. If you can’t find the part, keep looking. It will be in a bag with unrelated parts. The build quality is good. Once assembled, it is easy to use. Deciding what kind of workout you want may be the hardest part about using it.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  3. Michael says:

    The first package I received came with the box completely destroyed. The UPS driver handed me some loose nuts, screws and bolts and said he hoped that was all that had fallen out. I called Amazon and they quickly ordered a pickup and sent a new one out. Kudos for the quick service!

    After reading the reviews and seeing how long this would take, I decided to wait until a Saturday morning. It took about 4 hours for me to do it myself. It says you need two people, but that’s only for one section (which could easily have been avoided if Weider had changed the way the resistance bars were connected and attached to the machine) so I only needed another person for about three minutes.

    I found the diagrams and instructions to be somewhat vague. I found it easier to switch from the instructions to the whole machine diagram, which took more time flipping from page to page. I also found it annoying to read that, if there were parts missing you could assume they were already attached. That didn’t help when reading the first instructions about assembling the base and having to flip through the parts only to find that the base was assembled except for the feet.

    All of the nuts, bolts, washers and screws came in nice little trays with a sheet to indicate what they were. It would have been handy if Weider had labeled these also with the number it assigned in the instructions.

    The instructions for use are somewhat lacking also. There are extension straps which must be used, but are not always indicated so in the exercise illustrations. For example, one exercise involves pulling both handles from the lower pulley to your chest. Mine will not reach my chest although the woman in the illustration appears to be fairly close in height to me and she is not having a problem.

    All that said…..once you get familiar with the machine I believe you will enjoy it. The workouts are good and the cost is great.
    Rating: 3 / 5

  4. D. Schieber says:

    Wow, just received this product from Walmart. I ordered the Weider Max Home Gym with Preacher Curl; they sent me the Weider Max Home Gym instead. Was going to send it back because of the differences in the two models but decided to give it a try. I’ve had one of the original CrossBows for years with no problems and loved the workout but wanted a preacher curl attachment. Well I decided to give this one a try anyway, although it wasn’t the one I ordered. The assembly did take around 4 hours as I was very meticulous to ensure I assembled it correctly. The next day was great, I completed a chest and triceps workout which took about an hour. The next day, on the second set of Lat Pulls, both of the 80 pound rods snapped and also broke the top and bottom rod retainer brackets. I don’t know what they did or who’s making the rods now but they break too easily. After reading the review from others about broken rods; I should have followed through and returned this unit for a refund before I put it together! The bench on this system is also covered with a real thin, cheap fabric; it shows marks easily and won’t last long. I’m very dissatisfied with this unit! I’m glad I still have my old CrossBow so I can at least put it back together and be able to continue my workouts. Buyers beware!
    Rating: 1 / 5

  5. J. Perez says:

    I ordered the Weider Max from Bayou Fitness. I should have read the reviews first but I already ordered it when I read it. Just like everybody that bought this item on Bayou Fitness the 10 lb center bar was so brittle that it broke with little tension on it. Bayou Fitness told me they would contact Icon Fitness for replacement parts and I have been waiting for over a month now and when I contacted Bayou Fitness again they act like they dont know whats going on. Bayou Fitness sells this product cheap because they know its defective and they will not replace the defective parts. I recommend that you do not buy anything from Bayou Fitness, there is no guaranty that you will get a working product or atleast get the replacement for the defective parts that they sell
    Rating: 1 / 5