Apex Threaded Dumbbell Handles

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  • Durable 14 inches solid steel chrome dumbbell handles
  • Rubber coated handles provides a sure comfortable grip
  • Threaded collar design provides for safe and easy plate changes.
  • Accommodates all standard plates with 1 inch hole

Product Description
Need a lift? Here you go! A Threaded Dumbell Set at the right price! Solid steel bar; Adjustable, threaded chrome collars for safe, problem-free lifts; Rubber comfort grips; Accommodate all standard plates (not included) with 1″ hole. Each is 14″ long and weighs 4 lbs. Handles accommodate weight plates from 3-40 lbs. AVAILABLE SEPARATELY: Threaded Curl Bar – word search in our Store for ‘Dumbell’. Threaded Dumbell Set… More >>

Apex Threaded Dumbbell Handles


5 Responses to “Apex Threaded Dumbbell Handles”
  1. B. Tanner says:

    I bought the Apex handles plus Valeo standard spring collars, to allow me to change weights faster and to more securely fasten the weight plates in place. The padding does protect one’s hands when using heavy weights, reducing the formation of callouses. However, the circumference of the handles is less than standard size so the spring collars are too large. I tried the collars on a set of Weider handles I have and they fit just fine. Another annoying characteristic is the styrofoam in which the handles are packed, as it left flecks of foam on the handles and in the room where I unpacked.
    Rating: 3 / 5

  2. BRENTON says:

    Over-all a somewhat decent product… but I could have purchased a better version from a nearby sporting goods store for similar cost if not cheaper. (Went with the Apex handles via AMAZON after shopping around and comparing reviews online)

    Reasons I gave the rating of two stars:

    -5 stars implies perfect product (I will almost never give a PERFECT score – that would suggest complete perfection)

    -4 stars would then be reserved for a product of near perfection (which this product certainly is not)

    -3 stars is mediocre… this product might fit that category, but I had a little less than satisfaction when I opened the package, and since everyone else gave it such high ratings I wanted to skew the average a little.

    (Thus the 2 Star Rating)


    -The metal seems durable, but the grip feel sort of cheap

    -the rubber handle has an OK design (adequate for holding I suppose)… but the rubber feels old, like when a toy is left out in the sun and the rubber starts to degrade.

    -Also the condition of the rubber was less then visibly appealing… when I purchase something that is supposed to be brand new I expect the condition to be that of a brand new product. The packaging was nice the and everything else about the product looks good, but the grip looks scuffed and has white marks and things on it. A defect that I speculate might have occurred during the packaging process.

    -The spin locks were much more shaky than sets I have owned in the past, when screwed all the way in they feel secure but will unwind with use. The Threading on the handle seems a bit smaller than most normal dumbbell handles

    I did purchase the Valeo standard spring collars as was recommended, but they were MUCH too large to fix the problem…so… DO NOT buy these clips if you plan on buying these handles, you will be wasting your money.


    Mediocre weight handles… pretty run of the mill, It is a fairly “ok” set of handles for the price, but I would say that if you are looking for a product like this just to get the job done, pick up a cheap set from Target, Costco, or even Walmart… all less expensive for similar quality.

    If you are looking for a NICE addition to your weightlifting equipment or home gym go to a sporting goods or fitness store and look at what you are getting and make sure it is what you want.

    I decided to purchase these from Amazon after reading such positive reviews and high ratings and comparing prices… I was a little disappointed when I opened the box.

    Rating: 2 / 5

  3. Chad Alvey says:

    I already had a set of these without the grips and my wife complained about it hurting her hands during p90x. I bought these for her and am now using the old ones. I have used these a few times and they work great and feel much better on my hands. I don’t have to worry about wiping the sweat and oils (I have oily skin okay) off my hands before I pick these up. They are durable and work exactly as they should. I plan to pick up a few more pair so that I can have a few different preset weights staged during my workouts. The twist on collars are one of the best designs implemented in dumbbells and barbells. They hold the weights firmly in place and you don’t get all the loud clangs you get from multiple plates like you do on the old style collars which is very helpful if your working out in the morning when everyone else is asleep or in the afternoon while your baby is napping. The collars also allow for easy and quick weight changes but if your doing a fast paced workout with frequent weight changes like p90x or Chalean extreme you may want to pick up a couple sets.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  4. A very nice pair. Good grip (probably vinyl), good screws, sufficient width (discounting space for the screw, it can hold about 5 standard 2.5 lb plates on each side).

    Each bar weighs 5 lbs and the plates sit firmly. Bought 2.5 lb plates from nearby store and 1.25 lb plates (for small increments) from a web site. They all fit perfectly since its a standard 1″ hole. With this setup, i can have any weight from 5 to 30 lbs (depending on the plates, you can have much more).

    Great value for the price! Highly recommended.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  5. Because I use different weights for different parts of my workout, this bar works great to diversify my workout and still target certain muscle groups. It allows me to workout many parts of my body without purchasing a whole set of dumbells at a very expensive price.
    Rating: 5 / 5