Muscle Building For Fat Burning

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A lot of women are under the impression that any type of weight bearing  exercise will bulk them up – adding too much muscle to be appealing. In actuality, the opposite is true. Muscle building for fat burning is possible, and adding muscle will, in fact, help your body to burn fat more rapidly. Adding muscle to your frame helps you to get a lean, toned appearance. You will be stronger, and more flexible.

When committing to muscle building for fat burning, it is key to remember that you may not lose weight as fast as with cardio alone. Still, you are burning fat more rapidly.  Muscle has weight, too, and you are replacing fatty weight with muscular ones. However, if you are overweight, your weight will still decline. In either case, your percentage of body fat will significantly decrease, and you will lose inches from your hips, thighs, and waist. It is also important to keep in mind that you will see first see decreases in your extremities – your face, hands and feet.  Many times others will notice and comment before you, because they see the changes before you notice them and before they are reflected on the scale.

When you decide to add muscle building exercises to your daily routine, start with a low amount of weight and a high number of repetitions. When you see those huge bulky guys at the gym lifting weights – they’re doing the opposite. For bulk, you’d need a high amount of weight, lifted a few times. Low weight, high reps will result in long, lean muscle and an overall toned look.

As you rehearse muscle building for fat burning techniques, it is still critical to eat balanced, nutritious meals. Exercising at the gym and then going home to feed your face with cookies and chips is unhealthy, and unproductive. Remember, it is much easier to elude calories in the first place than it is to burn them once you’ve eaten.

Muscle building will help you to achieve other healthy benefits, also.  Your posture will improve, as your core muscles become stronger. You’ll have increased energy, and be able to do more cardiovascular exercise as your body strength grows. Working out will become a breeze, as you become stronger and stronger.

When you begin add muscle building for fat burning into your exercise program, you may be sore. If this occurs, be sure to warm up properly and stretch before and after your workout. Bear in mind, your hard work will pay off! You’re decreasing your body fat percentage, which enhances your overall health. You’re improving your posture, and building a stronger, healthier body.
It’s a proven fact – muscle building for fat burning works!

About the Author: Rod Watson, Certified Personal Trainer,, Rod is a retired Navy Officer who is dedicated to help other improve their health and fitness level.  Need help getting started contact Rod at for a customized workout, tailored just for you.

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