How You Can Build Muscle Without Weights Easily Anywhere

March 23, 2010 by  
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It is possible to build muscle without weights as some people do not like the straining that weight lifting can put on the body. These exercises are perfect for those that may not have time to visit the gym or do not have their own weights. Most of the exercises include using your own body weight instead of weights.

A few exercises that do not require any other sort of exercise equipment include pushups. Pushups can be done on your toes and knees or you can have your hands up on a bench or step. There are different pushups for different difficulty levels. Regular pushups just work mainly your chest and shoulders. To work your upper arms and triceps you can use triceps pushups of close grip pushups.

A few leg exercises include squats and lunges in order to build muscle without weights in your legs. Squats will work your quads and lunges work the butt and hamstring. You can do stationary lunges and then dynamic lunges where you change legs as this will work your butt muscles even harder. To work your calves you can also do standing calf raises off a step so you drop your heels and then rise up on your toes.

There are many different crunches you can use to work the stomach and core muscles. There are bicycle crunches, regular crunches, twisting crunches, lower abdomen crunches and more. You can also do planks and twisting planks to work the abdomen even more.

Besides exercises you also need to make sure you are following the proper diet in order to build muscle without weights. You can supplement your diet using protein shakes or changing your diet to focusing more on lean protein instead of carbohydrates. The foods you eat can also help your body recover after you have done these exercises. There are specific types of supplements that can be used to help your recovery period.

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